Omnio Future conducts full-fledged programs – which run through the full period of pregnancy and infancy. Omnio Prenatal, Omnio Preconception and Garbha Mandala are a sample of such programs.

We conduct even more spiritually intense programs called Udaya Garbha and Vishwa Garbha. These include sacred chants, invoking Grace of Navagrahas , Mandala meditations to invoke more subtle and direct energies. Many parents have benefited from the use of these packages and programs.

The packages and programs simplify prenatal and perinatal education for parents. They can spend less than 30 minutes a day and impart Holistic education for the child – right in the womb and as it sleeps or plays in infancy. Activities can be done in the comfort of home and at convenient times.

There are many ways of getting to Prenatal and Perinatal Education. You could even begin with the free Omnio Activity Table given below. Omnio Future has constructed a set of daily activities, which parents and caregivers can undertake, to begin the process of Holistic Education for their child. These go on through 9 months of Pregnancy and detail the activity the parents can do  foster development in the areas mentioned above viz. Physical, Emotional , Intellectual, Sensorial, Creative, Spiritual and Devotional.

If you need more information or guidance about these activities – please visit or our blogs. You can reach us at our email: If you need any help on procuring props needed for the omnio activities, please email